Asanti Rall

Member of Wolf Squad


Mission Codename



Growing Up

Being born as the runt of her litter, Asanti always had things tough.

Despite most Selonians being warm and welcoming to new members of their dens, Asanti’s den was presided over by a cruel den mother. Being left out of the den activities, she spent most days alone wandering her planet; learning about the local fauna and flora and their natural healing abilities.

A New Family

One day her planet was visited by a group of freedom fighters who called themselves the Resistance. They immediately noticed her natural medial talents and made her an offer. Not only did she find a new calling but she also found a new family.

Part Of Wolf Squad

Asanti has been the combat medic for Wolf Squad for many months and was captured along with her squad mates.

They eventually escaped starkiller base along with Deasha Distombe and Gand.

Asanti Rall

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