Clutch Carver

Racer and Pilot at Azalus Hodrudda Company



Clutch is a brash, thrill seeking, attention craving Gank. He loves the thrill of racing and flying, and isn’t all that bad at it either.

Known Aliases

The Weather Man
Captain Space Beard

Not Your Usual Gank

Ganks are killers. That’s all there is to it. Ganks crave the thrill of a kill, and as such, Gank clans are hire exclusively as assassins and body guards by the shadier types in the galaxy, mostly the Hutts.

A Gank that doesn’t live for killing, simply doesn’t exist, until Clutch was born. Clutch has never enjoyed killing the way his kin do, but instead craves adrenaline pumping thrills, like jumping off a cliff, racing at insane speeds, or making impossible maneuvers with a star ship.

This causes his clan, the Seipher clan, along with his father, great dishonor and disappointment.

Assassination Attempt on Krieg

Thankfully the KaJidic they work for, the Desilijic clan, had one hutt who saw potential in clutch and grew quite close to him. Krieg Desilijic the Hutt knew Clutches skills and demeaner could make him credits down the road, and so when Krieg left Nal Hutta to forge his path to power, so did Clutch.

However prior to leaving, the other Hutt clans, seeing that Desilijic was weakened and dying out, sent a Gammorean to kill Krieg, the last heir to the clan. Clutch, who was guarding the Hutt that night, was easily overpowered by the assassin due to his lack of combat skills, and nearly killed Krieg, had it not been for the hutts combat prowess.

Racing and Piloting for Azalus Hodrudda Company

After leaving Nal Hutta, Krieg created the Azalus Hodrudda Company, for which Clutch has been piloting and racing for ever since.

It’s come to include a small close crew that do a variety of things in order to make credits.

Infiltrating Starkiller base

Krieg Desilijic Tiure The Hutt recieved a job through ‘Steve’ The Speaker to infiltrate the First Order superweapon known as Starkiller Base.

The client of the job, Han Solo, who hired them to protect him from his inevitable demise at the hands of sith lord Kylo Ren, and also to keep it a secret.

The team took the job, not fully understanding the danger that laid before htem.

During their attempts to gain access to the base, Krieg was pulled under the water, and sent through a system of pipes leading to the ice incinerator. Around this time, Seela fell into the water and fell unconcious.

Attempting to save her, Clutch, jumped from the door he had just arrived at, onto a large flow of ice that was heading down towards the drowning Twi’lek. This triggered a safety protocol, and Clutch was pulled to ‘safety’.

This ended with clutch having his arm impaled, and rendered useless, leaving him in excruciating pain.

Krieg I Just Want You To Know…

The team, finally reunited, entered the elevator, in order to reach the level they needed to be at to attempt the rescue of Han Solo.

Unfortunately for them, Gand had allerted the resident slicer to their presence when they first arrived, and the slicer was ready for them when they entered the elevator, he turned of it’s power and increased it’s speed, sending it plummeting to the ground.

Gand attempted to counter slice, but was unable to.

Before the impact, Clutch revealed that the reason the gammorrean assassin was able to infiltrate Kriegs room so easily was because he left his post. At this point Clutch jumped, attempting to break through the grates and grab the elevator line for safety, but he failed, and was found among the rubble of the crash by Deasha and Gand.

Clutch Carver

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