Dakk Rodah

Human Sniper Bounty Hunter; Level 3 Threat



Last Known Location

- Tatooine

Position In The Galaxy

- Dakk Rodah is a bounty hunter

- Dakk Rodah is one of many bounty hunters recently brought under the direct employ of the First Order

Known Strengths

- Expert Marksman

- Uses any number of specialized sniper rifles to take out targets from extremely far distances

- Tends to use urban enviroments as cover, though has been sighted taking targets in forested areas.

- Silenced rifles combined with his expert stealth make him a tough target to track down, even if you manage to survive his intial shot.

- Has never missed a shot

Known Weaknesses

- No intel has even been gathered on his close range combat skills, but considering his emphasis on staying hidden, it can be assumed he is weaker when caught up close.


Dakk Rodah

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