Deasha Distombe (Nima)

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Seela is an outgoing person. She is a great mechanic, and also quite good at negotiating sales when it comes to selling the wares they’ve found on their travels. She is also quite caring and protective, looking over Gand and her Sister Seela, almost as if she were there mother.

Sister v Sister

Daesha’s real name is Nima, her sister is Seela. They were born on the planet (TBD) and their parents greatly favored Nima over Seela. Mainly due to her rare red colouring, her parents saw her as a blessing, far more worthy and honorable than Seela.

Tough Times

Nima’s parents had ran into some troublesome times and their father tried everything he could to keep their household running smoothly. Eventually he turned to gambling as a last resort and ended up owing many debts to very shady and infamous people.

Seeing that her sister, Seela, had grown to be an incredibly skilled dancer, they sold her in order to pay these debts. The debts went away, but Nima could never look at her family the same way and the resentment grew and grew after that day. To Nima, family comes before anything else, and you always stick together, no matter what.

Searching For Her Lost sister

The moment Nima was old enough, she ran away in order to search for Seela. Before she could, she planned for weeks. Hiding her hoarded supplies that was slowly accruing, until she finally had enough, stole credits, vacuumed sealed food and stole a vacationing neighbors ship.

It was here that she changed her name to Daesha Distombe, which means a strong female rule/queen. She didn’t want people to know what family Deasha had came from for the fear that she might be found out and taken back home by her family who betrayed her sister.

Daesha landed on a nearby planet in search of weapons and supplies. It was here that Daesha would come across Gand, who was selling modified weapons and items. She noticed he had a very small shack and extremely low prices for extremely high quality items.

So Daesha asked him if he’d like to travel with her to search for her sister, along the way stopping at different planets and searching for Seela while also selling our stuff we make to help cover the costs and explore the universe one planet at a time.

Finding Her Sister and Joining Azalus Hodrudda Company

Eventually they found her on the planet (TBD). They discovered that Seela worked for a hutt that ran his own business specializing in racing. She knew he needed mechanics and begged him to let the duo join. Krieg the Hutt agreed to take them.

Infiltrating Starkiller base

Krieg Desilijic Tiure The Hutt recieved a job through ‘Steve’ The Speaker to infiltrate the First Order superweapon known as Starkiller Base.

The client of the job, Han Solo, who hired them to protect him from his inevitable demise at the hands of sith lord Kylo Ren, and also to keep it a secret.

The team took the job, not fully understanding the danger that laid before htem.

During their attempts to gain access to the base, Krieg was pulled under the water, and sent through a system of pipes leading to the ice incinerator. Around this time, Seela fell into the water and fell unconcious.

The group attempted to rescue her, but both Gand and Clutch Carver would set off safety measures and get taken somewhere else.

This left her sister, Deasha Distombe, who frantically worked to save her sister, even get pushed by an ice berg, and using that to her advantage.

Daesha did save Seela, and the two would go on to get inside the base.

Sisters Torn Apart

The team, finally reunited, entered the elevator, in order to reach the level they needed to be at to attempt the rescue of Han Solo.

Unfortunately for them, Gand had allerted the resident slicer to their presence when they first arrived, and the slicer was ready for them when they entered the elevator, he turned of it’s power and increased it’s speed, sending it plummeting to the ground.

Gand attempted to counter slice, but was unable to.

Clutch came up with the plan to try and break through the grates of the elevator and grab a hold of the elevator line for safety, Daesha managed to pull it off, saving her from the impact but Seela and Clutch Carver were not able to do so and were found among the rubble of the crash.

Krieg Desilijic Tiure The Hutt also fell, giving his life to protect Gand.

The worst loss of all was, of course, her sister, Seela. Sisters, who had been separated for so long, were split apart for the final time, without even the chance to say good bye.

Laying in the smokey, blood soaked remains of the elevator Gand and Deasha were once again, alone…

Part Of Wolf Squad Now

Along with Gand, Daesha managed to make their way to the hangar bay. They were attacked by droids who had been reprogrammed by Vyluss Quo’nar.

Luckily a squad of resistance were also trying to escape, and they aided Daesha and Gand.

They eventually escaped, and joined the Resistance becomming members of Wolf Squad.

Deasha Distombe (Nima)

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