Han Solo

Captain of the Millennium Falcon



Han Solo is a complicated person. His love for the underworld and life on the edge never dissolved, despite his rise to fame and recognition during his time as General in the rebellion against the Empire.

Yet when his son turned to the dark side of the force, and his relationship with General Leia Organa broke apart he was quick to leave his life as a general and resume his smuggling, alongside his first mate Chewbacca.

I Need Rescued

With the help of ‘Steve’, the speaker for an Information Broker, Solo got in touch with Krieg Desilijic Tiure The Hutt, for a job.

HE needed rescued.

The job is largerly unkown by the team except for 2 things: The reward is ownership of a mining company, which could change the fortunes of our recently robbed blind team.

And they need to sneak onto the Falcon, which is parked in the secret Resistance HQ, currently located on D’Quar.

Han Solo

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