Ilo Zrak

Captain of The Shadow Raiders



Ilo Zrak is a maniacal, borderline insane pirate captain. He cares about credits and shiny things, but mostly his goal is to lead an interesting and fun life. To Ilo Zrak, killing, torturing and toying with other sentient beings is fun.

His chance meeting with our crew, after having a kid run in front of him and spotting that they had a racer on their team, has led to many interesting and fun interactions. Since then, he has had a fascination and borderline obsession towards the team.

He continues to dream of ways to have some fun with them, before the time of fun runs out and he grows bored, leading to their inevitable and inventive deaths.


The crew knows nothing of this insane pirates past.

Strange Relationship With His Crew

Ilo gives mixed messages when it comes to his crew. He will happily kill members of his own crew at the slightest annoyance or misgiving. However, when his men are killed by an outside party, he takes great offence, and desires revenge.

It’s unknown how true these feelings are, as he let both Deasha Distombe and Gand go, despite their being captured and having no real leverage of escape. It is possible the thrill of the chase was too much for the captain to pass up, or perhaps there’s more to this story.

Time will tell.

Ilo Zrak

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