Jankar Sol

Ruthless Zabrak Bounty Hunter ; Level 2 Threat



Last Known Location

- Corucsant

Position In The Galaxy

- Jankar is one of the most famous bounty hunters of our time, many consider him the heir to Boba Fetts fame, though the two have very little in common.

- He works closely alongside the most heinous criminal organizations, anyone who will give him bounties he finds interesting. The Hutt Cartel, Mandroxan Cartel, rumours even say the legendary, and mythical, Black Sun.

- Trouble for us is that he has started doing work almost exclusively for the First Order, we’ve lost many good men and women to this guy.

Known Strengths

- He is an expert with almost every kind of weapon, combined with the fact he’s practically a walking armory, and he’ll give you a hard time

- He is smart, tactful and does a lot of pre-planning, if you pose a threat to him and he confronts you, be prepared for anything.

- He takes no prisoners, Jankar only accepts kill bounties, so if he’s after you, you cannot give up, you will be shown no mercy.

- Jankar never reveals that he’s hunting you until his plan in fully in action, in other words, till it’s too late.

Known Weaknesses

- He is merciless and ruthless, he gets some sort of fulfilment from killing and seeing the kill up close. He refuses to use long range weapons as it ruins the fun, though explosives are not at all out of his repertoire, I guess seeing his enemies in pieces fulfills him enough.

Jankar Sol

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