Jek Drodak

Resistance Trailblazer





Jek is a survivor, a man of the land. He would rather fight for survival in the wild than fight through crowds in a metropolis or negotiate with politicians any day. When things start to go wrong, Jek’s first concern is always the safety of his squad mates.

Jek will listen to commands, unless he believes it puts him or his squad mates in needless danger. He has a reputation as being undisciplined, but he views it as necessary action. But because of this, he is viewed as not compatible with a squad and often used more as a lone wolf, much to Jek’s chagrin.

A Checkered Past With The Empire

The empire enslaved the people of Uvena Prime, the homeworld of the Shistavanens. Forced to do menial labour for the empire until a band of rebels came along.

Many Shistavanens fought alongside the rebellion, eventually winning the freedom of not just Uvena Prime, but the entire galaxy. Among the many, Jek’s father and mother.

With the arrival of the First Order, Jek began preparing for the war he would surely join, just as his parents before him.

Man of the Land

Jek a forest ranger before the war began. Making sure hunters weren’t lowering the population too much, hikers weren’t getting lost and nothing else even worse was happening in the thick jungles of Uvena Prime.

He had a small lodge that he worked from, but he would often decide to forgo the lodge in favor of living off the land and making his own shelter.

Resistance Trailblazer

The skills he learned as a forest ranger on Uvena Prime would come in handy, leading to his becoming a rather skilled scout, infiltrator, ambusher and combatant, especially in adverse environments and difficult terrain.

During his time in training camps for the resistance he also picked up some with long range sniping, and modded his sniper, which he calls Big Shista, to help make up for some of his weaknesses, mainly closer range and extreme distances.

He of course, also carries his ceremonial vibroblade from Uvena Prime, which he uses to cut paths through difficult terrains and cut up enemies should they get too close.

A Good Kind of Rebellious

In his first mission, an infiltration that was supposed to be no shots fired, he took the life of an enemy scout who attempted to take out a resistance soldier. The mission failed and the group had to retreat.

His commanding officer berated him for his decision, but he knows he did the right thing. He wears the armor of that trooper as a reminder that no matter what, the lives of his comrades are of more value than the mission.

Jek Drodak

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