Krieg Desilijic Tiure The Hutt

Owner and Proprieter of the Azalus Hodrudda Company



Krieg is a business man, first and last. While he takes good care of his employees, Kriegs one and only goal is to make credits and gain power so that he can help protect his clan from being erased.

Trouble on Nal Hutta

Krieg grew up in the ancient and powerful Kajidic, Desilijic. His family dealt with everything from smuggling to drugs to slavery. They had earned quite a reputation as a clan and in the process had made many enemies including other Hutt families.

Often accused of stepping on other Hutts business, one Hutt kajidic, the Anjiliac, decided it was time to end the bloodline of their competition. Kreig, being the only heir to his Kajidic’s empire, was lucky to survive his childhood.

Assassination Attempt

At the age young age of 80, an attempt was made on his life. A gammorean guard from the Anjiliac clan, managed to sneak into Krieg’s quarters and tried to kill him. The gamorrean didnt survive. But Kreig was left with a scar going all the way down his chest that he will carry for the rest of his life.

Deeming his presence to be too much of a danger to his family, he decided to leave home at the age of 150 to forge his own path. Carrying with him the only things he cares about: a pocket full of credits, the Arg’Gorak axe of the gammorean who tried to kill him and a Gank he’s known it’s whole life that calls himself Clutch Carver.

On The Run

During his stay on Tatooine, his uncle, Trogg Desilijic Tiure The Hutt updated Krieg on recent events that took place back home on Nal Hutta.

Opposing clans had forced his father, B’iran, into disowning his son and calling for his capture/execution, in order to merge their clans.

Trogg offered Krieg a deal, in exchange for not turning him in, which was accepted, however more information soon came to light.

‘Steve’, got in contact with Krieg, making him aware that Trogg had altierier motives, and in the end would still turn Krieg over, while also giving him some leverage on his uncle.

Unfortunately that leaves Krieg with no allies among his hutt breatheren as of now, and will need to stay clear from any and all hutt notice.

Infiltrating Starkiller base

Krieg Desilijic Tiure The Hutt recieved a job through ‘Steve’ The Speaker to infiltrate the First Order superweapon known as Starkiller Base.

The client of the job, Han Solo, who hired them to protect him from his inevitable demise at the hands of sith lord Kylo Ren, and also to keep it a secret.

The team took the job, not fully understanding the danger that laid before htem.

During their attempts to gain access to the base, Krieg was pulled under the water, and sent through a system of pipes leading to the ice incinerator. Around this time, Seela fell into the water and fell unconcious.

When Krieg landed, he found himself in a tray, along a conveyor belt that crushes ice, and melts down the pieces. Before being crushed he was able to take a large piece of ice and clog the gears.

Gand would eventually end up in the same place and the 2 would jump down to the floor, taking some damage and then get into a fight with a squad of storm troopers.

Hutt’s Can’t Jump, Theres Nothing I Can Do…

The team, finally reunited, entered the elevator, in order to reach the level they needed to be at to attempt the rescue of Han Solo.

Unfortunately for them, Gand had allerted the resident slicer to their presence when they first arrived, and the slicer was ready for them when they entered the elevator, he turned of it’s power and increased it’s speed, sending it plummeting to the ground.

Gand attempted to counter slice, but was unable to.

Krieg knew there was no way he could survive, so he offered his best, and possibly only, friend, Gand, his protection during the crash.

Gand was hurt, but survived the crash. The same could not be said for the Hutt.

The selfish and greedy Hutt, died a good person, giving his life to save his friend, who could very well have died if not for his deed.

Krieg Desilijic Tiure The Hutt

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