Marik Thallus

Doctor From Taris



Doctor Thallus has seen and experienced many horrors during relatively short life, especially in respect to the Rakghoul plague that spread across Taris, his home world. He seeks to correct these, and his actions are almost always in relation to this.

As a doctor, he holds a high regard towards life, and always puts safety of others above any other goals.

Growing Up On Taris

Marik grew up on Taris with his parents and younger brother, Rem. He and Rem had a good childhood with parents who worked hard and looked after them well.

At the young age of 16, however, everything changed, forever.

The Fall of a Young Boy

He and his brother had been out during the day. When they returned home, they come upon by frightening monsters. Before the boys could do anything, the creatures pounced on Rem and killed him before Mariks eyes.

While his brother was brutally murdered, Marik escaped, running outside and locking the creatures in the house. With his brother dead, and monsters in the house, he had no idea what to do but to set the house ablaze.

When he looked for help, he realized the shocking truth, that these creatures were everywhere.

The Rise of a Doctor

With no where safe to hide, he snuck aboard a freighter and ended up in the core world, Corucsant. He later learned that these creatures were a mutation of people, caused by a rare disease known as the Rakghoul Virus.

These creatures, were in fact people. Neighbours, friends….parents. With the realization that he had witnessed his own parents kill his brother, and then burned them alive, Marik was forever changed and vowed to rescue his planet from their doomed fate.

He dedicated his life to science and medicine, as a way to perhaps gain forgiveness for letting his brother die and killing his parents.

He studied on Corucsant and became a medical doctor, before heading out to the galaxy on his search for the cure.

Meeting the Crew

Doctor Thallus’ journey took him to the outer rim planet of Tatooine, where he would hire the Azalus Hodrudda Company to escort him to the wastes in an attempt to find Jek Liasar, descendant of the man who originally cured the Rakghoul disease some 1000 years ago.

Marik Thallus

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