Nee Sonn

Adoptive Son of Clutch


Rescued By Clutch

The young Rodian boy ran into the middle of a Swoop Bike race, while one racer named Lars Valgo, who was currently in the lead, barreled towards the boy.

Clutch used all his boost in one shot, flying past Lars and attempting to spin around and grab the boy.

He was able to grab the young Rodian, but not without falling off his Swoop and sending it into a wall for an impressive explosion


The young boy was shaking, afraid and not speaking. Clutch decided to take Nee with him, despite his boss, Krieg the Hutts, disapproval.

Eventually he got the boy to sleep, and would eventually even get him talking. Unfortunately, the events of that night seem to have caused the boy to have amnesia, and remembers nothing but his name and waking up in the ship.

Clutch took advantage of this to tell the boy he was his father.


After running from scary men who had surrounded the team on Tatooine, Nee was kidnapped by Ilo Zrak.

Ilo used him as leverage to force Clutch to help his racer win the Boonta Eve.

Determined not to do that, the team eventually learned where the boy is and planned to rescue him during the race.

Everything went wrong, and the young boy ended up shot, stepped on and kicked by the insane Ilo Zrak, and despite the best medical care Doctor Thallus, the boy lies comatose on Clutch’s bed.

Nee Sonn

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