Prince Xizor

Prince of House Sizhran; Level 5 Threat




Xizor is a level 5 only because of his stance so far with the resistance. In the event Xizor turned against us, he would be a level 2 or 1 depending on how far he intended to go, so be smart and avoid.

Should the chance present itself, however, Xizor would be a powerful ally.

Last Known Location

- Corucsant

Position In The Galaxy

- Xisor is an incredibly wealthy Business magnate and Prince of the Falleen House Sizhran.

- Xizor owns many compnanies included the self named, Xizor transports

- There are many rumors of his criminal activities, though we have not been able to confirm. Either way Xizor is extremely powerful and best left alone as he is not an enemy we wish to make.

Known Strengths

- Incredible wealth and power

- Owns his own private security army

- Is guarded by an unknown assassin who is fabled to be able to kill you with one hand

- Is incredible with people, can settle basically any deal and talk someone into doing anything with enough time, thanks to his Falleen pheromones.

Known Weaknesses

- It is doubtful Prince Xizor is a threat in combat himself, he is reliant upon his wealth and power to protect him.


Prince Xizor

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