Rigel Bade

Member of Wolf Squad


Mission Codename



Growing Up

Born and raised on Af’El, Rigel grew up learning the family business of metallurgy and smithing from a young age.

However it became clear early on that he had a gift. Being able to warn his parents before accidents happened while working, they realized that he could have a better future than working in the family trade. Keeping his talents a secret so as to not raise suspicions, his parents contacted a friend off planet who worked for the Resistance and could nurture his ability., hoping that one day, he might be able to also help the Resistance.

Member of the Resistance Now

Once off planet, Rigel’s ability to alter light and reach into the future made him an excellent asset to the resistance.


However, Rigel’s powers aren’t perfect. He was unable to see his own capture before it was too late. He and his fellow Wolf Squad mates were sent to a First Order base in search of intel on a mysterious new super weapon being created, they were captured and later transferred to the very base they were researching: StarKiller base.

Part Of Wolf Squad

Rigel has been the lead infiltrator for Wolf Squad for many months and was captured along with his squad mates.

They eventually escaped starkiller base along with Deasha Distombe and Gand.

Rigel Bade

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