Shadow Broker

Information Broker; Threat Level 5




The Shadow Broker is a level 5 only because of his stance so far with the resistance. In the event the Shadow Broker turned against us, he could be a level 4 to 2 depending on how far he intended to go, and how powerful he really turns out to be so be smart and avoid.

Should the chance present itself, however, the Shadow Broker would be a powerful ally.

Last Known Location

- Unknown

Position In The Galaxy

- He is an Information Broker, though his exact wealth, prominence or fame is completely unknown, as are most facets of this mysterious man.

Known Strengths

- Completely Anonymous, as far as our intel goes, he only ever speaks through a man he employs who carries the title of ‘Speaker’ (see ‘Steve’ The Speaker, the current speaker who the PC’s have talked to on several occasions)

- Evidently has a vast library of knowledge, which he believes gives him incredible power, thus far no one has been able to prove him wrong.

Known Weaknesses

- NA


Shadow Broker

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