Shaxx Sovarra

Member of Wolf Squad


Mission Codename



Another Victim Of The Hutts

After refusing the hutts offer that the village work for the hutts. Denied by Rax, Shaxx’s father, the leader of the village. My father sent me away with a friend of the resistance (Undies) predicting the impending doom.

The hutts didnt like him saying no. So Alpha Sypher, who was already interested in capturing my mother (Merada) forĀ  some reason he wants to capture every force sensetive.

Last hi heard is the village was taken to be enslaved. My father was executed by Alpha for his actions.

Part Of Wolf Squad

Shaxx has been the weapons expert for Wolf Squad for many months and was captured along with his squad mates.

They eventually escaped starkiller base along with Deasha Distombe and Gand.

Shaxx Sovarra

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