Trayden Oldrider

Member of Wolf Squad



Trayden is a career military man. He is no nonesense and cuts to the chase.

Once A First Order Admiral

In the moments that lead up to the Starkiller base destroying Hosnian Prime, Oldrider had no choice but to turn on the First Order and be labeled a traitor for all time.

Oldrider was an Admiral in command of an Imperial Raider Class Corvette. In order for the Starkiller base to be able to be fully functional to fire it required a command code from Snoke. Due to Snoke being so far away he relayed the signal to Admiral Oldrider sister ship The Tarken.

Upon hearing the transmission from Snoke and the target of Hosnian Prime, Admiral Oldrider commanded all weapons to fire on The Tarken. All hands were lost.

But not before the transmission had been successfully sent to Starkiller base.

Failed, Imprisoned… And Damn Angry

Admiral Oldrider not only feels guilty for all the lives on The Tarken but all of those civilians who died as a result of the transmission being sent.

Oldrider is only interested in one goal… getting command of a capital ship and making the First Order pay.

Oldrider was imprisoned on Hoth for his crimes against the First Order.

Rescue on Hoth

He eventually escaped during the attack on the base by the Resistance Wolf Squad. He fought alongside Tails and Rover against Piar Ren and was helped to escape using their ships.

When he was take on board the Shadow Raptor, he was accepted by the resistance and is now a Private in Wolf Squad, hoping to be able to seek redemption and retribution against the First Order.

Trayden Oldrider

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