Trogg Desilijic Tiure

Level 4 Threat



Last Known Location

- Tatooine

Position In The Galaxy

- Trogg is a member of the Hutt cartel and more accurately, it’s leading family, the Desilijics.

- Trogg has taken over most of Jabba’s empire, so he is incredibly powerful, and more so than any other hutt, seems most likely to ally himself with the First Order.

Known Strengths

- Has a large amount of wealth and power

- Has a small army with him inside his Palace on Tatooine

- Intel suggests that despite the inner turmoil of the cartel, Trogg has good standings with almost every Hutt Clan and leader, giving him even more power.

- His palace is like a fortress, inside it he is god and if the army of guards don’t kill you, the many traps and bounty hunters inside will.

- We are currently negotiating a deal with the Hutts, should Trogg turn, or if he has already, he could destroy our relationship with the Cartel, denying much needed supplies.

Known Weaknesses

- As with most Hutts who lead the cartel, Greed is their main motivation, their love of credits can be used against them.

- Trogg, like most Hutts, is not agile or combative, upon reaching the Hutt, he would be easily taken out or captured.

- Trogg does not control a disciplined military force who are deathly loyal, as most in the Bingo Book, his army consists of paid guns and bounty hunters. All people who can be easily bribed, negotiated and coerced.

- The hutt clan is reportedly experiencing much inner turmoil, the Hutts could be turned against Trogg should the situation call for it.



Trogg is a smart, ruthless business man.

Deal With Krieg Desilijic the Hutt

Trogg captured the young Desilijic heir after he landed on Tatooine. Trogg offered the young hutt the option of him ‘not landing on tatooine’, if he could make it worth Troggs while.

Krieg offered his crew to which Trogg altered it slightly, and instead to hold a one sided business arrangement.

If Trogg needs something done, the Azalus Hodrudda Company will look after it for a 90/10 split of any earnings.

Trogg Desilijic Tiure

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