Edge Of Order

Episode 1 - A Long Story

A Long Story To Tell You, I have

We rejoined our original characters: Hesh, Junk, Ayla, Abin, Kiki and Dr1v3r, one last time. They were aboard the mysterious, and miraculous, ship which they had made their escape through the floor into.

As the ship flew away, the crew realized it was empty but was on auto pilot course away from the remains of The Phantom, which currently housed hundreds of storm troopers alongside Mandalorians. And also, Veela Ordo along side Kylo Ren who is no in posession of the Orb of the Sith Lords.

Yoda tells our characters to sit down, so he can relate to them the story of the ones who own the ship they were on, and how they came to be where they were that day.

Stuck on Hosnian Prime

The Azalus Hodrudda Company had been on the planet of Hosnian Prime for about 6 months. Of course, they weren’t there for fun or by choice, their hyperdrive was irreparably damaged and a replacement was extremely expensive and hard to come by.

The crew did what they could to make money.

Deasha Distombe was trying to sell what little junk they had left, in order to eek out some credits. She managed to sell their destroyed hyperdrive to a poor Ithorian who couldn’t tell a lightsaber from a power coupling.

Gand was trying to create a sort of flamethrower attachment, in order to give Deasha something of real value to sell at the store front. Though he got side tracked chasing a Tooka around the garage, which almost ends in the gas canister rolling into a left on welder.

Seela was giving an incredible dance performance to the many owners and sponsors of the small time Swoop Bike Racing League, here on Hosnian Prime. That was, until the race began, where she started trying to learn of an apparent cheater in the race.

Clutch Carver was in that race. In the process of defeating the cheater, Lars Vergo, until a Rodian Child ran onto the race track. Lars tried to hit the poor child, so clutch used all his boost and saved the child in the flashiest way he possibly could. He did save the child, but he crashed the bike, much to the anger of Krieg Desilijic the Hutt

Krieg was fuming after that race, making trouble for the poor servers just trying to do their jobs, until a man claiming to work for some sort of information broker approached him with a job offer. The job was to steal a datapad from Lomin Poar, a New Republic Senator.

As a sign of good will, the man had already sent a working hyperdrive to the ship and said the reward was information that would help them make more credits and gain more power. A strong offer that Krieg could not refuse.

The man told them that Lomin Poar spent his nights at the Gambling Gundark, and that his client had gotten them passes to this very high end and exclusive club.

Night Out At The Gambling Gundark

The team dressed to the nines, even Gand washed some of the grease and stains out of his mechanics suit for the job.

When they entered the club, the group split up, with Clutch Carver going to kick it on the dance floor until his distraction was required. Meanwhile Gand went searching for parts he could use, ending up in a mechanics room and taking poor Dans uniform. Seela and Daesha searched for the Gran Senator, looking and asking around before they finally found him.

Between Kriegs business style approach to getting Lomin some very strong alcohol in his already drunken system, and the beauty and charm of Seela and Deasha, the two Twi’leks managed to get invited to a party being held at Lomin Poar’s appartment.

He was so drunk at that point, the sisters were able to manipulate him into opening his extremely secure safe, in order to retrieve the data pad before he fell down unconscious. At this point there were picked up through the window by Clutch.

Hey, Your With Our Girls

After making quite the scene on the dance floor, going so far as climbing up to a balcony and backflipping off back into the crowd of dancers, Clutch took 2 girls he was dancing with to a table, in order to be served some free drinks thanks to Gand.

This was goind great, until 2 guys came over, asking why he was with their girls. Clutch managed to talk them down, but while they were walking away, he threw a last insult at them, which pushed them over the top, and a fight insued.

In his normal show off fashion, Clutch made a big scene, before throwing his repulsor fist right into the jaw of one of the men, sending him flying and unconscious. Cheating for sure, but I guess that guy shouldn’t have brought a fist to a cybernetics fight.

Before the other guy could throw his punch at clutch in retaliation, Gand came up behind him, chair in hand, and broke the chair over his head. Leaving him staggering for a few second before ultimately falling down unconscious.

Have You Checked The News?

Deasha and Gand installed the Hyperdrive back into the ship, and the team made there way to Artus Prime, to drop off the data pad and receive their payment.

When they reached there, Krieg was hesitant to hand over the data pad first, but finally did so. When the man recieved it he started to walk away. Kreig demanded the information he was promised, to which the man replied “Have you checked the news lightly?”

Not caring at all about whatever those words meant, and the fact that this information did not give him more credits, the group stopped the man from leaving. Krieg slithered on top of him, and started to beat him, hoping to break the man and have him reward the team with more.

While this was happening Gand looked up what was in the news, only to find the shocking news story that the entire Hosnian system had been completely obliterated by the First Orders super weapon known as Starkillers Base just a day after the team had left.

With the understanding that this man had saved their lives, but the same anger at the lack of credits, Krieg let the man go, before deciding to head to Tatooine, to try and find a new swoop bike, and of course, make some more credits.


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