Artus Prime



Outer Rim Territories


Kwymar Sector


Artus System

Primary Terrain

Canyons, Toxic Rivers

Points of Interest

Mining Dock Q-4519

Rendevous With The Datapad

Our team came to this planet for the first time, meeting with a contact who had arranged a job for them with their client. Upon recieving the datapad belonging to Lomin Poar, the man merely said “Have you heard the news lightly?” and walked on.

This enraged Krieg, and he called for his people to attack the man. After he had been stopped in his tracks Krieg pushed him down and slithered on top of him, hitting him and berating him, in an attempt to instill fear and maybe coerce more money and information.

Finally he let the man go, and team went their own way.

Artus Prime

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