Hosnian Prime



Core Worlds


Hosnian System

Primary Terrain


Points of Interest

Swoopers Abyss

Gambling Gundark

New Republic Senatorial Complex

Stuck on Hosnian Prime

The Azalus Hodrudda Company found themselves stuck on the planet when, after arriving, they realized that the trip had irreparably damaged the Hyperdrive. For 6 months, the team did the best with what they had, but Hosnian Prime was more a place to sell and leave, due to high market values. So the profit margines started to rapidly decrease.

Stealing From Lomin Poar

The team finally got a job that could turn things completely around, and what better, he gave them a hyperdrive before even accepting it.

A simple job, steal a highly secure datapad from inside a secure building that belongs to the New Republic. Why did it belong to them? Because the man they had to steal from was a New Republic Senator.

Daesha and her sister Seela were able to get themselves not just invited, but escorted by the Lomin himself, to a small senatorial party he was having at his home.

They got him drunk, and were able to manipulate him into opening the vault himself before falling unconscious, creating an easy opening for a getaway assisted by Clutch Carver.

Starkiller Base Awakens

Shortly after these events, the entire hosnian system, along with Hosnian Prime, was completely destroyed by the first weapons firing of the First Orders ultimate weapon, Starkiller base. The death toll is expected to reach anywhere from the 10’s to 100’s of billions of lives.

Hosnian Prime

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