Shield of Onderon

Message To Wolf Squad

Dear Wolf Squad,

You carry the appreciation of the Onderonian people for the part you played in our freedom. Most of all you have my thanks for saving my life.

I overheard my captors mention that you had found the ancient cave before they could. It intrigues me that you have vested interest in such things.

The knowledge of this cave is entrusted only to the royal family, passed down through the generations. This was the knowledge my family died to keep, and I hope you make sure they did not die in vain, I believe this is the reason we had it, to impart that knowledge to you.

- Till The Next Time, Prince Daktay Dendup VI

The Legend of the Six Swords

The shield of Onderon was a legend, created about 1500 years ago to calm the children of Onderon prior to the building of Iziz, the protective city. The information has become muddied through the years, but largely we believe the story to be the invention of a wise man who visited Onderon around that time, and sold the story to the locals for a large amount of gold on the promise that it would help their children sleep despite the local wildlife that threatened their lives.

The Shield was supposedly made up of six swords.

Sword of the Healer
Sword of the Avenger
Sword of the Warrior
Sword of the Protector
Sword of the Trickster
Sword of the Lunatic

When one has possession of all 6, this was said to unlock peace. The children were told that these swords were held by a monk in the Onderonian Highlands, who used them to protect the people.

But since then, storytellers have told that the swords have been split apart, separated, and only those with morale guidance, strength of heart and desire to protect could find each sword, and reunite the pieces to the Shield of Onderon.

Who built the shield? No one really knows, but the wise man who invented this story called them the Builders.

Shield of Onderon

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